Again PayPal Skips Nigeria, Allows Zimbabweans to Receive Funds


PayPal has again skipped Nigeria to enable the “receive funds” feature for Zimbabweans. It is not clear why the most requested PayPal functionality can’t still be accessed by Nigerians and no logical reason has been given by the U.S Company. 

PayPal opened up its services to Zimbabwe and some 9 other countries in Africa and Europe and South America 2 years ago. Notable of those is Nigeria which, even though it has Africa’s highest internet population at above 60 million. The other countries are Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Belarus, Paraguay, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco and Montenegro.

The U.S online payments system deactivated the “receive funds” feature on the service, limiting users to only make and send payments, a limitation that dampened the initial excitement. That means, you can pay for goods and services using a Nigeria PayPal account but you can’t send nor receive money on the same platform.

Nigeria has since grown to become it’s second biggest market in Africa yet, the online payment company has seen no reason to open up payments channels into the country. Despite several petitions written, including the one written by a Nigerian, Ryukky Kofi to PayPay to reactivate the “receive fund” feature to allow users receive money with their Nigerian accounts is yet to yield any fruit.

Nigerians should not lose hope however, our source says the service will become available for Nigerians before the end of 2016 and this should be a huge relief for a lot of folks who to a very large extent depends on PayPal for the existence of their business. Congrats to Zimbabweans!


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