PayPal Under Pressure As Nigerian Sent Petition Against Them


A Nigerian, Ryukky Kofi, has petitioned PayPal to allow users receive money with their Nigerian accounts. This is an interesting move as i begin to wonder, why has anyone not done this before now? Why has anyone not confronted PayPal discriminating act against Nigerians?

Like every other Nigerian that just got a new online job placement, Rukky Kofi was full of expectations as she hope to see her $1000 monthly salary been paid into her PayPal account without a fuse. But nothing prepared her to face equal levels of disappointment – like most of us bloggers and online business men are facing already – when the time came to setup her work info.

I found out that the company makes payments only via PayPal and at the moment, Nigerians cannot receive payments with their PayPal accounts.

PayPal, after ignoring Nigeria for so many years, finally came into Nigeria about 2 years ago, albeit with limitations that dampened the initital excitement — users could only send out payments, not receive. That means, you can pay for goods and services using a Nigeria PayPal account but you can’t send nor receive money on the same platform.

Nigeria has since grown to become it’s second biggest market in Africa yet, the online payment company has seen no reason to open up payments channels into the country.

Rukky Kofi, like many other Nigerians who conduct business online, thinks this is unfair.

Nigeria is a country filled with a lot of poor people (by global standards) with very limited opportunities hence the need to seek opportunities to make a living online. A job that pays $1000 a month is enough to make you a happy Nigerian and this sort of job is not exactly easy to find in the country.

So she decided to do something about it.  She put a petition on So far, the petition has gotten 20 supporters out of the 100 it needs to get PayPal’s attention. According to the Rukky:

The goal of this petition is to urge Paypal to re-access the situation. There’s a really vast market of Nigerians who will happily subscribe to Paypal’s services once we are able to receive payments and manage business accounts. At the moment, a lot of qualified, hard working Nigerians can’t make money online simply because they can’t receive payments via Paypal. These are individuals who have been offered project and job contracts that they can’t take advantage of because they can’t receive their pay using Nigerian Paypal accounts.

This is not the first time anyone will be petitioning PayPal from Nigeria. I remember just 2 years ago, just before its advent, a web design company actually petitioned PayPal to come to Nigeria. Either by coincidence or as a result of the petition Nigeria was now allowed to use PayPal with the earlier mentioned limitations.

What do you think? Should PayPal begin allowing Nigerians receive money with their accounts? Would you be opening to signing the petition? Please share your views in the comment section below.


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