How to Walk in Pokémon Go and Find PokéStops


Pokémon Go has arrived and it’s already interfering with productivity. The game is possibly the best AR game out there today and there are none like it which makes the game play slightly confusing. Mobile games are supposed to be simple and we can normally play them without having to do much other than tilt our screens or tap them. With Pokémon Go, things are quite different and many users are having trouble just learning to get around and finding PokéStops. Here’s how to do both.

PokéStops are essentially free item drops placed around the world. They are mostly stationed at important cultural spots, such as statues, public buildings, or other types of locations. You should be able to see exactly where the Pokestop is just by tapping on it on your screen. This will give you a handy picture to help direct you where to go

Once you’ve captured the one Pokémon during the game’s initiation stage, your character is left on a map where the game claims there are other Pokémon for you to catch. However, despite all your walking around, the character doesn’t move.

This is because walking around your house or apartment isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to have to physically leave your house and walk or take a drive around your city to find other Pokémon. This is NOT a game you can play by just sitting on your couch.

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Pokémon Go doesn’t use the accelerometer/gyroscope/whatever to move you around on the map. It uses your GPS coordinates so walking around your house does little to change them. Get up and go to the park, visit a friend, or get take out and make sure you stay alert. Your device vibrates when a Pokémon is in capture range.

How to Walk in Pokémon Go and Find PokéStops

The next question is how to find a PokéStop. The games tells you to find them around statues or landmarks and you might wonder what qualifies as a landmark that’s worthy of being marked a PokéStop. The answer is very little; a mall, a popular park in your area, a popular restaurant, and even a church might qualify as a PokéStop.

The game isn’t stingy with them and I was able to find four different PokéStops by driving around a small section of an already small city. The Pokémon appear regularly enough although you’re far more likely to find them inside dense neighborhoods instead of on larger roadways.

Have fun catching them all.


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