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This Facebook Autoposter tool will help you post to multiple groups, pages and profiles at once and the best part is – it is FREE. Every organization, websites or blogs knows that Social Media is essential to building a stronger ties with their users, readers or customers as well as get more traffic back to their website and Social networks are the perfect places they need to be in order to maintain social presence

Everyone is focusing their attention on the potential of Facebook groups. Why? Because they’re realizing that there are super valuable interactions that take place in groups and online communities, and by using Facebook groups, brands can encounter a super-segmented public. Read: How to Boost Likes and Followers using Addmefast


However, the task of posting your website content and generating presence in different groups – your own as much as others’ – can be a difficult one and even unfeasible for some people, due to issues such as time, organization, etc. Imagine you will have to manually post a single article or product into 100+ groups. Time is of essence right? What if you can use a tool that will autopost in all Facebook groups at once?

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to bring you some great tips, advice, and super-quick and easy-to-apply tricks that are going to help YOU drive traffic to your website, build presence, and even allow you post to multiple Facebook groups at once, just like the pros do!


Facebook is known to be one of the most popular social sites to increase your website popularity and Facebook Autoposter tool will will help you get the job done.


How to post to multiple Facebook groups at once

If you own or participate in several groups on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that having and maintaining an active presence in each one of them on a daily basis can become quite tedious. Fortunately, Facebook Autoposter comes to the rescue!! As it was created to facilitate precisely this task.

Its streamlined interface allows you to add and select whichever Facebook groups you want to publish in, and then create a post with text, images and/or links, and easily schedule it to be published at exactly the day and time you want.

The first thing you need to do to start scheduling your posts is to add your Facebook autoposter account. Since this is a tutorial for “groups”, you should click on the “Facebook” button, option: Group, in order to add them to your control panel.

Step 1 .  Sign Up / Registration

The application is browser based so you don;t need to download anything. All you need is to register for a free account. Also, I personal recommend using PC with Chrome or Firefox browser as UC Browser seems not responsive enough. Not tested on Opera yet. Meanwhile, ensure you are logged into your Facebook account on your browser. That said, lets proceed.

Visit HERE and register a FREE account.


You may want to tick Remember me for easy login thereafter if you like.


Step 2 .  Autoposter Settings

Once logged in, you should see the dashboard. The first thing to do is to add your Facebook account. Make you are already logged in to your Facebook on same browse in another tab. Now do the following:

  • Goto Autoposter Settings
  • Scroll Down below on the Settings Page to Facebook Accounts and then on the right side there is the options to Add/Update Facebook Account .

Autoposter Facebook Account

  • Click on it and you will get a pop-up as shown below. (1)
Add_Update Facebook Account

Add/Update Facebook Account / © Rubiztech



  • Click on Graph API explorer callback URL (Recemmended) and another smaller pop-up should show. Simply copy the new link (Authenticate link) on this small pop-up, place it on the space shown above (2)
  • It should replicate on the space under Get access token from facebook Graph API Explorer page. Go ahead to click on Add facebook account (3).
  • Then close all pop-pop. If the page did not refresh itself to reveal the changes made, manually refresh it and your Facebook details should appear like the image below.
Autoposter Facebook Account completed / © Rubiztech

Autoposter Facebook Account completed / © Rubiztech

Step 3 .  Autoposter Facebook Group & Apps

In this section, you will import all your Facebook groups using Graph API Explorer as well as set up the Facebook App. Nokia Account is recommended from experience to avoid Facebook jail

Autoposter Facebook Apps

Autoposter Facebook Apps / © Rubiztech

Groups are required to be imported in order to post on the groups for unlimited times .

  • Under Graph API Explorer, click on Authenticate.
  • A Pop up windows will be displayed then click on Graph Api Explorer Callback url button as shown belowgroups-page
  • Another pop-up will be opened and you need to copy the url from the browser and paste it in the box as shown in the left .
  • Click on Set Access Token and Refresh List of Groups button
  • You will see the groups are being listed on that page .


  • Click Authenticate button on Nokia Account row.
  • Make sure you choose your post to be Public as shown below.make-it-public
  • Now Click on Get App Authenticate Link , Copy the browser URL and Paste the link in the Box
  • Click on Set Access Token button & Close The Windows

Step 4 . Autoposter Post Setting




In order to protect your Facebook account from Restriction or blocking, your Account the tool has been made to post by Unique Format .

  • On the Settings Page left side down you will see the section ” Posting Settings ” here you need to choose the option Unique Post.
  • Set Post Interval to at least 30 seconds.
  • Select Facebook App that you authenticate on the Step 1 from the Drop Down Menu ( Obviously Nokia App)
  • Finally Click Save Settings Button.

Step 5. Posting on Facebok

The above steps are for one time and no need to set up them again but note that after each set of group post, you may need to re-authenticate your Facebook app (Step 1).


  • Now goto Home Page and select Link
  • Start posting by Filling up the Form on the left and you can also get the live preview of your post on the right that shows how it will be on Facebook Groups .
  • After you fill up the form , scroll below to choose the Groups .
  • Choose Show All from the drop down menu and select all Groups .
  • Click on Send Now Button .
  • You will see a displayed timer showing the Exact time the Facebook Autoposter tool will take to post on the Groups.
  • Do not Close the Window until it finish working else your posting will be Stopped. But if you need to close the browser window, you can schedule your post to publish on the background.

Final Word

You can make unlimited postings to unlimited groups with just a 1 click. This tool can work on Set and Forget strategy. Your postings can be automated 24/7 so you don’t need to spend much time posting your content manually on Facebook.

This tool has amazing features that you won’t want to miss ever. You can post to your selected groups. Post Scheduler is there for posting your content 24/7. The delay feature can take small breaks like 1 or 2mins before making any post so you don’t need to worry about being blocked on Facebook. Let’s know your experience using this Facebook Autoposter tool using the comment box below.


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