How To Reset Unlock Code Counter To Zero in Any Huawei Modem


Have you entered wrong unlock code 10 time to modem? Is your modem unlock code ounter at 0 (zero)? Does your modem say modem unlocked permanently then you might have to reset you modem unlock counter.

Many readers had faced this problem with them modems like E303, E173 and ETC.. Here is a brief tutorial on how to reset unlock code counter to modem so you can attempt entering the unlock code again.

We shall be looking at two methods:

  1. Using DC-Unlocker
  2. Using Huawei Modem Unlocker

Using DC-Unlocker


  • Get your hast tag code from HERE
  • Click Login with Gmail button
  • You will be redirected to Gmail Login Page for you to login using your gmail id
  • Accept the terms and condition and seen in the image belowHuawei-Code-Calculator1
  • Enter  IMEI and Model Number of your modem  in the given box and Click ongenerate.Enter-IMEI
  • Click on +1 Button to get your code when asked to do so.
  • Result of New algo hash reset as well as Old algo hashreset Code will now be displayedHash Reset
  • Copy your new algo hash reset code and past it on a separate page.
    NOTE: New algo Hash Code is for latest modem while Old Algo Hash Code is for older modems. So use the appropriate Hash Code. 


  • Download Dc Unlocker client HERE
  • Open DC-Unlocker and select huawei modems and click on search it will search for your modem data.dc
  • Now Enter the Code AT^CARDUNLOCK=” NEW ALGO HASH  Code” (If latest modem) Or AT^CARDUNLOCK=” OLD ALGO HASH  Code” (If older versions of modems) on your Dc-Unlocker Screen. For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall be using the New Algo Hash reset Code  as seen in step 1 above.(2bd6830190c3e4777da0945f877f2a4d). Hence the format to enter will now be:



  • Finally, your modem counter should reset to zero; meaning you can regenerate new algo code to unlock your modem afresh.

Using Huawei Modem Unlocker

Get the Huawei Modem Unlocker HERE

Steps You Have To Follow

  • Open Huawei Modem Unlocker From The Zip File You can See Following Window Then Click On REFRESHRefesh
  • Now Just See Following Screen Shot As Given In Screen Shot Just Select your modems COM PORTcom port
  • Now After Selecting COM PORT Click on READ MDM DATA And Your modem details will be read and after it you can see following window showing modem detailsRead data
  • Now Select RESET COUNTER From huawei Modem Unlocker And Click on SERVICEservice
    1. You Are Done Your Modem Unlock Code Counter is now reset to zero. Have a look on following screen.
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  1. Entering the code in DC-Unlocker tool doesn’t do anything. I have asked this same question on several forum and no one seems to be replying. I hope this forum won’t be the same. After entering the AT^…. code in DC-Unlocker tool, what do you do next? Is the command effected just as soon as you enter it or you have to do something like pressing some buttons on your system. Some said you should press the enter button but that hasn’t helped either. Because doing that only takes the cursor to the next line waiting for me to type. Thanks

  2. I’ve tried all I can “both processes” to unlock my Airtel E173 modem, since the unlock code is 0… Any remedy??

    • This guide only applies to older versions of modems. I will update us with a method to reset unlock code counuter to Zero for latest modems like yours.

      Thanks for visiting Kevin.

  3. i have try so many attempt on my mtn huawei modem and it have block to 0 attempt place help me i have try any thing i can do to unlock this modem but it can not

  4. Emad Khalel on

    Hi I tried to reset the counter of Huawei E5372s-22. The full modem data read by the software but once press the unlock service key its appear unsucced to resest counter on the software screen.

    Pls. What is the reason and how to overcome.

  5. What about latest Huawei router like e5180 having only LAN port (no USB port), how the software communicate over LAN port ?

  6. Arif Mashori Sarhari on

    after click on READ MDM DATA an error Popups …
    “there is an error while performing selected function. please check your setting….what can i do for connect modem

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