How to Reverse Tether Android Without Root


There are several ways to reverse tether Android without root access and in today’s guide, i am going to show you how. Reverse tethering is the process that helps you use PC internet on Android phone without rooting. So whether you have windows 7, 8 + or 10 laptop, reverse tethering technique will turn your PC into a Wireless Access Point. 

Every smartphone user must have heard the word tethering. What comes to mind is to share your phone’s internet connection to other devices. In this case, only your Android or tablet has the active data plan and using it as a modem, you can share your mobile data to multiple devices at once.

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Unlike tethering where you can share smartphone internet with other devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB, reverse tethering is different. Most times, the requirements are also different. Especially when you want to reverse tether Android without root. Grab your modem, connect it to your PC and follow the guide below.

Reverse Tether Android Without Root

There are many methods available to reverse tether Android on rooted devices but it is limited on non-rooted phones. The few options available are mostly paid but there are ways to reverse tether Android without root for free.

Reverse Tether Android Without Root Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi reverse tethering technique is the easiest way for smartphones without root receive internet access from the computer. This not only applicable to Android phones, but works perfectly well on iOS and Windows phones also. You can use this method to share PC internet connect to any gadget that has Wi-FI.

Requirements for Wi-Fi Reverse Tether

  1. Windows 7 or later OS
  2. Computer must have Wi-Fi adaptor installed
  3. Software


I will show you 3 software that are helpful for laptop users to use Wi-FI reverse tethering without root. I have already discussed about two of them (read up via the links provided below) so i will proceed with the third – Connectify Software. Though a paid software, the free version comes with basic interface and is perfect for the tethering task.

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How to Use Connectify Software


  • Download and install Connectify software to your computer and run it. After first install, it will ask you to reboot.
  • Choose internet connection to share with other devices- whether LAN or Wi-FI.
  • Enter desired Network Name and Password to secure third parties from using your connection without permission and click on the Start Hotspot button to enable Wi-Fi reverse tethering.
  • Done 🙂

Reverse Tether Using USB

There are several ways to reverse tether Android without root for non-rooted devices using USB. This becomes important when your laptop does not support Wi-Fi feature. For Android users, you are at luck because, there are apps that can get the tethering job done.

Android Apps

The easiest one is to use ReverseTethering NoRoot app allows you to share your computer’s Internet connection with your Android device via a USB cable. 

Code Project

Another USB tethering method for non rooted device is the Code Project. The default Android ports don’t support simple access and reverse tethering. If you have decent knowledge connections in your PC, then you can use this method. It’s a tad lengthy, so i will share the link to the original post: Code Project.

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Final Word

The above listed procedures are just among the several ways on how to reverse tether Android without root on Windows PC. The techniques will also work fine for rooted devices. If you have any questions or face any issue regarding the tutorial, let us know via the comment box below. We’ll try to resolve it.


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