REVOLVE, is Microsoft’s upcoming ‘conversation starter’ app for Windows Phone


Microsoft is developing a new Windows Phone app called Revolve. This was revealed at a private press event last week according to Fast Company. It was reported that the app

melds aspects of a calendar and contact manager, and presents you with information about people you’re going to meet with that it’s collected from multiple sources.”

According to the description on its store page, the app is being made to help people start conversations with others in a more meaningful way by delivering information about those they are about to get together with beforehand.

This is not a dating app; it’s being made as a business application that combines elements of a calendar and contact manager. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that it was originally developed as an iOS app as part of the Microsoft Garage incubator program and is now apparently being ported to Windows Phone. So far, neither version has been publicly released, Windows Central said.

Here’s the official description from the Windows Phone Store page:

Revolve prepares you for every conversation in every meeting. It works in the background to find and display relevant insights about the people you’re going to meet. Easily sidestep small talk and spark real conversations that matter.”

Windows Central further said that Revolve will reportedly generate information about a user’s contacts from a variety of sources. No screenshots or any other details about the app has been posted, nor has a release date been revealed.

Source: Windows Central, ZDNet, Fast Company, Via: MobilePhoneNewz (Twitter)


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