How to root infinix Hot 2 (Infinix X510)


Rooting Infinix Hot 2 is a task that can be overcome. This can be achieved using either a PC or a mobile rooting applications.

Before going through the procedure of trying to use software programs on PC to root any Android device, I always try out one click apps available on mobile first. As with most MTK phones, you can easily root them with Kingroot.

Click Apps (Kingroot) Method

If you just got your Infinix Hot 2 out of the box and have not done any OTA update, the procedure below will certainly work for you.

Disclaimer: You’re doing it at your own risk and I won’t be held responsible in case you eventually brick your device or lose your warranty.


NOTE that after rooting your phone, it’s advisable to unroot before performing an OTA update or restoring factoring settings, otherwise it will become unusable.

Now let us begin:

1. Download the latest version from link given below

2. Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources.

2. Install the APK file and start the installed Kingroot app.

3. You need a working Internet connection on your phone to make this work.

4. Click on Start Root.

root-infinix-hot-2 (1)

5. You should see the progress but you may have to wait for some minutes.


6. In case this shows up, you may choose to decline.


7. In a short while, the process should complete and you should see this:


Congratulations! You can now close Kingroot, reboot your phone (recommended).

DOWNLOAD LINK: Get latest version HERE

PC Method

If after buying Infinix Hot 2, you have done any form of OTA update or you find yourself running Marshmallow update, the mobile (Kingroot Click app) method above will not work for you. Using the method below is a sure way to get your infinix Android phone rooted.

Please click HERE to proceed.


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