How to Create Bot and Schedule Posts for Telegram Channel


In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate to you, how to create bot and schedule posts for Telegram channel. Many of us seek to grow our website traffic and Telegram provides a very good platform to get it done. Just as social media like Facebook and Twitter has the option to schedule posts on the page, so also does Telegram. Wondering how? Don’t worry my friends; I have a solution for you.

Telegram messenger is a chat application like WhatsApp but unlike WhatsApp, it has both Group and Channel feature. The Channel is what i like most about Telegram. It is the revamped version of message broadcasting. With it, you have an opportunity to invite an unlimited number of members to your channel, and this is best for Internet marketers.

You can use the channel feature in the Telegram app, rather than using WhatsApp for broadcasting your important messages and posts. At the end of the November 2015, I started a channel, and now it has 10K+ active members. This channel is helping me to promote my blog posts.


Your daily social media activities help you to increase the members of your social network. The protocol is also same for Telegram channels. If you are posting regularly in a particular time, then the members of your channel will increase. However, every day it is not possible to publish at a given time. Read on to see the solution.

Schedule Posts for Your Telegram Channel

In order to schedule posts for Telegram channel (you must have created a Telegram channel by now), you need a Telegram bot. The bots are the automated scripts to manage a particular task. The procedure is super easy and divided into three sections.

1. Create a Bot on Telegram

Creating a bot is super easy. There is bot named @Botfather in Telegram, which helps to build new bots.

Telegram Bot Father. / © Rubiztech

Telegram Bot Father. / © Rubiztech

  1. Search for Botfather on Telegram messenger and tap on the “START” button.
  2. You’ll get a set of commands in order to manage your bot.
  3. Tap on /newbot to create a new bot. It’ll display a message like, Alright, a new bot. How are we going to call it?
  4. Please choose a name for your bot.
  5. Now, type the name of your bot (Ex: My First Bot) and hit Enter. It’ll show, Good. Now let’s choose a username for your bot. It must end in `bot`. Like this, for example, RubizTechBot or rubiztech_bot.
  6. Next, you have to type a username of that bot (Ex: rbtbot or rbt_bot). It must end in bot. Then hit Enter.

You’ll get a congratulatory message with an access token. This token is necessary to complete the last section.


2. Add Your Bot as Channel Administrator

To schedule posts on your channel, you need to assign that bot as an Administrator.

Add bot as Channel Admin. / © Rubiztech

Add bot as Channel Admin. / © Rubiztech

  1. Open your channel and click on the three-dotted Menu >> Channel info >> Administrators >> Add Administrator.
  2. Now search the username of the bot you created in the first section. Tap on it to add it as administrator. That’s it.

3. Schedule a Post on Telegram

This is the final step you have to do and i will break it into two aspect to cover both wordpress and blogger users respectively.

>>Using Kuku (Support blogger and WordPress)

Kuku is a social media managing tool, which allows the users to schedule posts on their social profiles. Recently, it has added the option to schedule message for Telegram channels. Both wordpress powered websites and blogger website can use it.

  1. Open your browser and visit on
  2. Click on the big yellow “Create your free account” button and log in with any social network.
  3. After successful login, it’ll show your account dashboard.
  4. In the “Choose accounts for posting” section, click on the + (plus) button.
  5. Now choose Telegram option and put generated token in the first section and the username of the channel where your bot is assigned as an administrator.
  6. Click the “Next” button until you finish setting it up and you are done!

>Using WordPress Plugin: AUS Telegram Bot

Though there are several wordpress plugin to use, i am presently using AUS Telegram Bot plugin because it is easy for me to set-up.

AUS Telegram Bot WP Plugin. / © Rubiztech

AUS Telegram Bot WP Plugin. / © Rubiztech

Simply install the plugin, enter your Bot API given by the BotFather and your Channel username and you are done!


If you are using Kuku, just select your channel name, type your message, or you can upload an image, set the time and click on Schedule button to schedule a post for Telegram channel. But if you are on WP, anytime you publish a new article, it auto-publish on your Telegram Channel.

I hope you were able to create Bot and Schedule Posts for Telegram Channel using this Tutorial, do comment below if you face any issues getting this to work.

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