Simple Server Browsing with MTN BIS on Android Mobile Phones


This is what we all have been waiting for. Internet access with simple server and MTN BIS. Just follow the procedure below and thank me later.

  • Load N70 on your Mtn line for daily plan (24hours) BBLITED to 21600 for 70 naira daily. You will get this text from Mtn, “Welcome to MTN BlackBerry BBLITED. You have 10MB inclusive data bundle, Costs N70.0. Auto renew your Subscription and enjoy wonderful discounts. Thank you” Ignore it.
  • Load N100 on your Mtn line for daily plan (24hours) and send a text message: BBMIDID to 21600. You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB. Just ignore it.
  • Load N1000 on your Mtn line for monthly plan (Actually 5 weeks)  and send a text message: BBLITEM to 21600. Similar message will also be received here. Ignore.
  • Create New APN settings On Your Phone As follows
    Port : 8080
    Save And Activate it as your default phone settings
  • Download the SIMPLESERVER android app from HERE
  • Install the App on your Android phone
  • Launch simple server and configure the settings thus:
    Proxy host:
    Proxy Port: 8080
    Injection Method: get
    Injection query/url:
    Injection Host:
    Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
    Log level: debug
    Leave others untouched
    Close the settings 
  • Download Autoproxy OR Proxydroid HERE
  • Setup as follows:
    Proxy Host:
    Proxy Port: 8080
    Proxy Type: HTTP
    Authentication settings tick box
    Username: web
    Password: web

Thats all

#Data is capped @ 4.5GB

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