How to use several Sliide Airtime accounts on one Android phone


How to use several Sliide Airtime accounts on one Android phone becomes necessary because by default, the app’s algorithm has matched your smartphones’s ID. So when you originally install the app, you can’t log out and use another code, name, number etc to re-register on same phone. But you can actually get it done after manually altering the Sliide Airtime app. So this article will guide you on how to use several accounts of Sliide Airtime app on same Android phone.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant for educational purpose ONLY. So, do this at your own risk as i wont be held responsible if your account gets banned.

For those who does not know what Sliide Airtime is, the app is developed by a privately-held technology company with focus on lowering the cost of mobile broadband for Nigerians and has been offering Free ₦ airtime to Android smartphone users. That means, when you use the application, you get rewarded with free Airtime. Isn’t that amazing?

Ok! Let’s focus on the article of the day. The process involves using Device ID Changer, an app that needs a bit of introduction. So, i will explain what an Android ID is and a peek view of Device ID Changer.

What is Android ID and Benefit of Changing It?

Android Id is the identity of your Android Device. When you install applications from Google play store, the app takes record of your Android Id. That is why some premium apps will prevent you from using another account on the same phone because it “knows” your phone already. So Changing the Android’s id is the solution for making apps to detect your device as new and you can fool Some apps and get Refer Money.

Device ID Changer

This is the Application needed to change your Android Id.There are several once on Google play store but for the purpose of this article, we shall be using Device Id Changer developed by VTechno. 

Requirements And Features of Device ID Changer

☀Your Device must be rooted for using this appGet root procedure here
Android must be running on version 2.3 and up

☀You can unlock Instagram account by one of ID Changer
☀This Device ID Changer App Provide you facility of changing your phone secure android id which is unique for every device.
☀This App Save your Original android ID which can be restored again when you need.
☀By this App you can fool many referral apps and other app that take your android ID.
☀By this App you can fill random id with only one click.

How to use several Sliide Airtime accounts on one Android phone

Now, go back to your Sliide Airtime App and register your fresh account and use must  RUBIZTECH as your code. You can repeat this process as many times as possible but use wisely.

Final Word

How to use several Sliide Airtime accounts on one Android phone is meant for education purpose only. So you are encouraged to use the app within the policies stipulated by the developers as i won’t be responsible if you are penalized in what so ever way. Go ahead and share your views.


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