Solution To Bugs In Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow Updates


There are bugs in Infinix Hot 2 marshmallow updates! It is common knowledge that after upgrading infinix Hot 2 x510 to marshmallow, it spells the beginning of trouble for it’s user.

When Google introduced the newest version of Android at its annual developer summit last year, it was all  filled with high expectations as the new features and improvements promises to take the user experience to another level. Maybe, for most phones, it has been fun but for Infinix Hot 2 users running the latest  Marsmallow updates however, the reverse is the case.

In this article, we shall endeavor to put all the bugs in infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow updates in one basket and give possible solutions to them.

Before you update your Infinix Hot 2 to Android 6 Marshmallow

This is the father of all bugs! And could be a life wire. Most Infinix Hot 2 users don’t bother to glean through the recommendations made before updating to Android 6.0. I am sure the person reading this will be like “Yes, i did not read either”. LOL. I unserstand that the hype that accompanied the update was too tempting not to go the whole hug.

The best place to get information on updates of this magnitude, you will need to go through reviews from the official site ( or other forums that discuss what is obtainable. That said, Let’s focus on the article of the day: Solution To Bugs In Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow Updates.

Some Of The Bugs In Infinix Hot 2 Reported So Far (Thanks to Ahmad Zanaty)

  1. All media on device are hidden although still occupying space
  2. Contact names don’t appear on receiving calls
  3. New contacts forcibly saved to Google mail
  4. Power button not responsive if u lock your phone
  5. Apps hang and crash which rarely happens before

Solution To All Media On Device Are Hidden Although Still Occupying Space

The update comes with a file manager which unarguable, scrappy. Though files are properly organised, it does not have swiping feature. For example, if you manage to open a picture folder, the files can not be previewed at a glance from the grid arrangement and when you click on a picture, you can not swipe to the right or left for easy navigation.

Solution to this problem is to use a third party app. I recommend Xplore File Manager Android application. With this app, you will be able to see at a glance what ever media file you seem not to locate earlier, preform unzip/zip actions, move files from internal to external storage, and lots more. Get it from playstore

For those who are yet to run the Android 6.0 update, It is recommended that you remove your SD card before installing the update to avoid files saved on it disappearing. I recommend that you backup ALL the files you have in the internal storage too.

Contact names don’t appear on receiving calls

This is a general problem. There are two possible solutions:

  • If after updating to marshmallow and you have issues with your contacts showing just number when a call comes in, simply remove all google accounts ( in Google settings) , and then add them back after 15 minutes. it solves the problem.
  • Using p a third party app to replace the default Contact and SMS messenger applications. The recommended application is True Caller, True Dialer and True Messanger applications all available on playstore.

How Does True Caller, True Dialer and True Messanger applications work?

They synchronize contacts from your phone and from the word wide web such that, when someone call you, it automatically gives you the persons full details either from the ineternet (If the person perhaps, have used that number to register on ANY online platform) or retrieves it from your phone.

Note: Steady internet service is required. Click here to see affordable ways to get free internet on all devices.

New contacts forcibly saved to Google mail

I think this is rather a plus rather than a bug. This means as long as you have access to your gmail account, you can have access to your contacts also especially if you bought a new phone. You simply import contacts from your gmail back into your phone saving you the stress of manually doing it.

Power button not responsive when phone is locked

Even when you try to wake up the phone from “sleep”, it does not respond on time. Though it is inherent with the update, the extent of response to which this problem occur is hinged on memory availability. Low RAM memory, internal memory running out will cause it to hang.

Delete unwanted files or move files from internal memory to SD card and you will notice the response time will increase to some extent.

Apps hang and crash which rarely happens before

The infinix 2 x510 marshmallow update process may have upset the ineternal files of some applications hence the “hang and crash experience. Try to locate the applications having this bug, delete them and reinstall. This is a similar to apps giving Unfirnately, “app’s name” has stopped error. You may want to see more ways to fix such problems here.

Here we go!  These Solution To Bugs In Infinix Hot 2 Marshmallow Updates will give you another reason to smile again. Are there more bugs you are experiencing not listed here? Let us know so we can proffer solutions.


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