Soon, you may not need phones to use WhatsApp on desktops!


The popular Facebook-owned app-based messaging client, WhatsApp is soon planning to run on a standalone desktop client, according to Times Of India (TOI) reports. This means you may no longer need your smartphones to use WhatsApp on your laptops. 

Many are speculating that users could soon be able to access all of WhatsApp’s features (e.g. text messaging, file sharing) from your PC.

Such speculations gained momentum when a Twitter account (not affiliated with WhatsApp) tracking changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds recently tweeted images having references to Whatsapp’s desktop application being developed for the desktop.

However one can still use Whatsapp on PC with several limitations. To use WhatsApp Web, simply head over to the WhatsApp Web website and you’ll be given a chance to scan a QR code on the desktop screen via the WhatsApp app on your mobile. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app on your platform. The website shows where the WhatsApp Web option is available inside the WhatsApp on Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, Nokia S40, and Nokia S60.


One thing worth noting is that WhatsApp Web uses your phone’s Internet connection to send and receive your messages, so your mobile needs to be connected to the Internet throughout, either via Wi-Fi or cellular data. In that sense, WhatsApp Web is different from other messaging like Skype and Viber where every device has its own connection to the servers.

The plan of full-fledged desktop application will make documents and voice sharing easier without requiring the smartphone to be connected to the Internet all the time. It would also remove the need for having a browser window open at all times.

Since the past few months the chatting giant has added many attractive enhancements to its Android’s and iOS versions.


Only recently, The chat messenger implemented the encrypted end-to-end features for messages, voice calls, sharing of photos and videos. This means that all user calls, texts, video, images and other files sent can only be viewed by the intended recipient, and no one, not even WhatsApp itself, can access this data.

Presently, there is speculation that WhatsApp will be integrating call back, voicemail and the ability for users to send zip files in the coming weeks.


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