2 Ways to Speed Up Android Phone Without Rooting


To speed up Android phone without rooting is very possible. In the smartphone market, Android is one of the most customizable mobile Operating System available. That is why many Android users root their phones in other to supercharge and unlock the full potential of the device. Speeding up your Android phone is one of the 11 reasons we discussed if you have root access. 

With the release of Android 6.0 marshmallow, rooting strategies has become increasingly difficult. There are good reasons not to root your Android phone when you consider the risk involve. So, if you fall in this category, you are at luck as you can boost the speed of your Android without root access.

Why Speed Up Android Phones?

Low end phones has less features – low RAM, low disk space, low speed, etc – unlike high end phones. As more applications are installed, the phone tends to hang and apps load slowly. Most times, you may have to reboot your phone before you can use it. However, everyone wants to speed up Android phone without rooting. Today, i will share 2 tricks to boost your Android phone performance.


Step #1. Turn on Developer Options

The first step to increase your Android phone speed is to turn on Developer OptionsThis is a hidden feature that is available on every Android smartphone. To turn it on, go to Settings>>>About Phone>> and tap on Build Number 7 times.

Developer Options

Step #2. How to Speed Up Android Phone

After unlocking Developer Options, use the procedure below to boost your phone performance.

A. Decrease Animation Scale

When navigation between applications and displays, Android phones display animated graphics. Though they look smooth, this animated graphic slows down your Android phone. By either decreasing or turning it off, you will experience an immediate boost in the speed of your phone.

  • Under Developer Options menu, navigate to Animation Scale. You should see 3 types of animation scale with value 1x.
  • Change the value of Windows Animation Scale, Transitional Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale to 0.5x or simply set it to Off.
    Animation Scale
  • After that, you will notice a quick speed up on your Android phone.

B. Restrict Background Processes

Android application usually run on the background and those background process eat up RAM. This gives low speed performance.If you limit those apps from running on background, it’ll speed up your mobile.

  • Still under Developer Options menu, scroll down to locate Background Process Limit.
  • Tap on it and change it from Standard Limit to 3 processes at most ot set it to No Background Processes.
    Limit Background process
  • No or less background process means more speed.

Final Word

With these 2 simple tweaks, yo will be able to speed up your Android phone without rooting. This will work for all Android users but if high end phone users don’t need this.


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