The Dangers of Walking And Texting (SMS) – Photo!


The dangers of texting while walking (the new term for that is “wexting”) has caused people to walk off a pier, fall into drains (gutters), fall down stairs, and run into poles.

Recently, DAILYSTAR reported an incidence about a school girl who was left red-faced when her entire leg got trapped in a storm drain after she took her eye off the pavement while messaging friends.

When she stepped on the drain, her slender leg went straight through – leaving her foot wedged fast.

Onlookers tried to help free her leg after disaster struck but were forced to call the fire brigade.


She was eventually released after 45 minutes – although we’re sure it seemed a hell of a lot longer than that.

The cringe-worthy blunder happened in Mianyang City, in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

Eyewitness Jun Niu who posted snaps of the incident, said:

“She was more embarrassed than anything else, she covered her face up with her hands when people were gathered around and it was clear she didn’t want to be there.

She was incredibly thin though, I reckon normally nobody would be able to get their foot down there but the bars were a bit bent so I guess that was why it happened.”

Fire brigade spokesperson Ming Lai added:

“We managed to remove the bars and quickly freed her once we arrived at the scene.

Her leg was a bit scratched and bruised and numb from being squeezed through the bars, but she quickly recovered and did not need hospital treatment.”

According to CTVNEWS, doctors in B.C. are seeing more cases of facial fractures, eye injuries, blunt head trauma, and foot injuries. A study published in the journal Injury Prevention found texters took 18 per cent longer to cross the street and were four times more likely to disobey traffic signals or walk without looking both ways.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks its a good idea to walk and text without looking where they are going.


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