True story of Diana Ross Pregnancy Photo That Broke The Internet


Is Diana Ross really pregnant? Is she a Surrogate mother? Is she carrying a baby for her daughter who couldn’t conceive? Loads of unanswered question. RubiZTECH decided to dig into the internet and unravel the secret behind Diana Rose pregnancy photo that is broke the internet.

Some one wrote this on my Facebook page:

Diana Ross 70 years old and VERY pregnant!! Carrying her granchild for her daughter who can not conceive! No this is love!! Wonderful mother….”

The fact

It all started when @TheShadeRoominc on Instagram posted this photo (above) of 71-year-old legend Diana Ross.

Immediately it sparked a couple of internet rumours and in the past hour we’ve read that she is/has

  1. Pregnant
  2. Being a surrogate for her daughter
  3. Playing a pregnant role in a movie
  4. A bad case of fibroids

See Reactions:

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The Full Story:

In October 2015, RubizTECH reported same story:

Famous American musical legend, , has sparked pregnancy rumors after she appeared with a noticeable bulge in Los Angeles.

Ross who looks young for her 71 years of age, wore a clingy black top that emphasised a big bump, much similar to that of pregnancy.

Although the pictures are real enough, it defies reasoning that she can conceive at her age.

– See more at here: Music Legend, Diana Ross Pregnant At 71?!?

Now the truth stands… Diana Ross is NOT pregnant and is just the victim of an unflattering photo.

Source: Rubiztech News, Rubiztech Fan page


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