Monetize videos: Twitter, Vine now support 140-seconds Long Video


140-seconds long video support has been enabled on twitter. This means, twitter users can now tweet videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This is an extension from 30 seconds video limit that was previously supported on the platform. Also, vine uploads has been extended from 6 seconds to 140 seconds. Indeed twitter must like the number 140.

One of the disadvantage twitter is how good numbers of the Twitterati can manage to express themselves effectively within the 140 character limit. The management listened to complaints from users and eliminated the 140-character limit, extending it to 10,000 but was only applicable to direct messages, DM.

Last month, the company also decided to exempt usernames, links, photos and GIFs from counting against the measly character limit. The micro’ blogging site support for 140-seconds long video will be a bigger relief for a large sections of users of the social networking site.

Unveiling the news on twitter’s official blog, while the 140 seconds video extension is available to all, “selected publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through our professional publisher tools”. This will allow video publishers to make money out of their content on Vine, its video streaming service.

Vine, acquired by the social networking giant back in 2012, will use Twitter’s Amplify Open program, which runs ads before a video starts playing. However, the feature will be rolled out on an experimental basis on the platform pretty soon, “starting with a small group” at first. The company, however, hasn’t given a time-frame to lift the stifling six-second limit from Vine videos that essentially turns them into glorified GIFs, if only in another format.

Twitter also launched “Twitter Engage“, a mobile app that allows users with a large number of followers to track their posts and see what their fans are tweeting about. This will make it easier to find more videos to watch with a new viewing mode. The new video viewer, coming soon to iOS and Android, looks very similar to Facebook’s video viewer and suggests more videos to watch. With a tap or a click, you can select the next thumbnail under the video you’re currently watching to start playing it, or swipe or scroll through to check out more suggestions. This feature also works with Vine videos.

You’ll recall that Instagram allows users to post videos as long as 60 seconds, while Facebook Live limits videos to 45 minutes. Snapchat has a limit of up to 10 seconds.

I must say that the 140-seconds long video support is a good move from twitter and If you are a video creator, it’s time to monetize your content.


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