Unlock Any Kind Of Huawei Modem Yourself With This Calculator


Hello everyone, I want to present the Do It Yourself method of unlocking your Huawei Modem. I have been getting lots of mails and whatsapp messages on how to get this done and i realized most people have been having issues with unlocking their latest Huawei modems for FREE.

If you prefer using DC-UNLOCKER,  refer to HOW TO UNLOCK Huawei E303/E173 Or Any Latest Modem. And if you have entered the wrong codes 10 times and got your modem permanently locked, you can read How To Reset Unlock Code Counter To Zero in Any Huawei Modem.

This morning, I will not only give you an unlock code for your E303 and any other latest Modem but also show you how to generate an unlock code for others who are likely to be having a similar challenge. In other words, I’m about to make you the boss of your modem network. Just seat tight and ride with me.
you into the realm of do it yourself way of unlocking your Modem.

How Can I Unlock My Huawei Modem By My Self?

  • Log in to http://huaweicodecalculator.com/new-algo/
  • Click on Log in button as shown in the picture.login
  • Log in with your Gmail account (If you don’t have any, you can open one for yourself).
  • You will be redirected to google + profile, so if you haven’t signed up for Google plus, you can easily do that as shown in the picture.g+
  • Accept the Terms and Condition.
  • Now, you will see the Imei and Model Number box as seen in the image below, insert your 15 digits IMEI number and the model in the box field provided.login2
  • Click on calculate.
  • Click on google+ to see the your new unlock code and flash code.
  • Finally, you will see your unlock code for the new Algo in Red and the old Algo in green.login3

That is it friends. For my Glo users, your own case is to either to downgrade or upgrade the firmware before you can turn your GloNetpro into a universal modem.

Enjoy your unlocked modem!

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