US Senate Finally joins WhatsApp & Facebook to dump BlackBerry


Less than four months after Facebook joined WhatSapp to end support for Blackberry OS, the United States Senate has declared it will no longer issue BlackBerry smartphones within Senate once the remaining supplies have been exhausted, Bomble reports.

According to the report based on an email sent to Senate staffers, “BlackBerry informed Verizon and AT&T that production of all BlackBerry OS 10 devices (Q10, Z10, Z30, Passport, and Classic) has been discontinued” while also noting “Future carrier order fulfillment will not be guaranteed due to limited remaining stock.”

The email noted that while new device procurement will be limited, BlackBerry device support will continue for the foreseeable future. However, BlackBerry has reiterated their strong commitment to maintaining their support of Senate devices to include uninterrupted warranty and technical support.

In situations like this, BlackBerry has always reaffirm its commitment to BlackBerry OS. When folks over at reached out to Blackberry about the Senate’s internal email and the company disputes the email’s claim that Blackberry 10 devices will “cease to be continued.”

The reign of the Blackberry lasted a good decade or more in Congress, early on due to the advanced nature of the devices and obsession with email checking. Even when the iPhone and Androids came about, the Blackberry still kept the throne for awhile because typing on those tiny little keys was faster, a mastered skill with which the iPhone could not compete. (This being government, they were slow to adopt other devices and Bring Your Own Device policies.)

Eventually, though, cracks in the dam formed and other devices started eating up Blackberry’s near-exclusive market share. Yet, unlike the rest of the country, which quickly abandoned Blackberry and sent its corporate owner towards the verge of bankruptcy, the devices still endured in zip codes 20510 and 20515. Long battery life, an email heavy focus, and good size (complete with a douchey belt holster) kept this little niche alive in the subterranean halls of the Capitol.

The rate at which Blackberry phones has been performing poorly indicates that after spending years to develop an in-house BlackBerry OS that will be competitive with Android and iOS, the venture has failed. Even the much talked about Blackberry ‘Venice’, that eventually got the brand name Priv could not save the day.

Meanwhile, we have gathered that WhatsApp is officially sending shot-down notice to Blackberry 10 users. In addition to announcing that it will end support for BlackBerry devices (all of them, including BlackBerry 10) the company also announced Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2, and Windows Phone 7.1 will also get the axe.

Image credit: Yomiprof

Image credit: Yomiprof

Sure, there’s still 5 months left before WhatsApp shuts it down for these platforms, but do you want to be using a ticking time bomb? If you’re still clinging onto a BlackBerry and use WhatsApp or use one of the aforementioned Nokia, old Android and Windows Phone 7.1 platforms, it might be time to consider upgrading to a new device. However, you can use a third party app to access Facebook and WhatsApp on your blackberry phone.




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