Use 3 Whatsapp+ in 1 Phone – WhatsFapp v1.25



WhatsFapp 1.25 Use three whatsapp accounts in one phone including two whatsapp+ reborn.

What’s New in v1.25

  • [Temporarily Removed] Image picker icon due to technical issues.
  • [Fixed] Chat with pics layout (Mods 1.3.x)
  • [Fixed] Bubbles overlapping with each other.
  • [Fixed] Crash while opening WhatsApp Web & Sending location
  • [Fixed] Crash when 6.0C and 1.2.11C enabled on 4.1 Lower devices
  • [Developed] Dividers. They will get hidden and coloured now.
  • [Developed] Emoji header , body color, icons color, selected color.
  • [Developed] header icons color changing in CALLS UI.
  • [Developed] Calls UI header mods “Show my name”, “My status” and added FAB auto-close in CALLs UI.
  • Redesigned All icons to Material Design in high quality upto 2k display devices. Added 2 more icons INDIGO & Teal.
  • Redesigned mod 6.4 to set DEFAULT UI,
  • {Added} confirmation dialog to make calls, No more accidental calls.
  • {Added} 1.1.19 to hide call icon & 1.1.20 to hide contact pic in Chat screen header.
  • {Added} “Search Web” and “Attach Music” option in Chat screen menu
  • Now new changelog will be shown when you open FAPP Settings. Added preference to view changelog
  • Now opening app from widget will open default UI.
  • Many other changes & Other bug fixes


  • AntiBan & Ban Proof
  • Full Customization
  • Osm Privacy Features . Hide Last Seen, Double Ticks, Blue Ticks, Typing for contacts/groups
  • All WhatsApp+ Features (few exceptions)
  • Toast when someone goes Online
  • New Material Design Base
  • Select between Old UI & Calls UI
  • Three WhatsApp+ Reborn in One Android Device
  • Works on Note 4 , S6 in which WhatsApp is pre installed
  • Preview Images & Videos without downloading just like iOS
  • Group Stats……Much much more.
    Note: There are total 9 different WhatsFapp variants. All variants have same signature so you can override apks with each other. So read below carefully.

Variants Explanation

  • com.whatsapp (WhatsApp) (Default) : Default package name of whatsapp. If you want ONE WHATSFAPP, then uninstall previously installed WhatsApp and install this mod. It is comparatively faster and more untraceable than changed package name variants.
  • com.whatsfapp (WhatsFapp) : If you want TWO WHATSAPP, then 1st install com.whatsapp apk and then com.whatsfapp apk.
  • cum.whatsfapp (wFapp) : If you want THREE WHATSAPP, then 1st install com.whatsapp apk then com.whatsfapp apk then cum.whatsfapp apk.

iOS emojis (Default) : If you LIKE official whatsapp emojis, which are iOS emojis then install this variant
Google Emojis : If you LIKE android lollipop/kitkat emojis, then install this variant.
Twitter Emojis : These are flat designed emojis which are mixture of Google & iOS emojis


                                      PREVIEW which shows comparison between iOS,Google and Twitter emojis

How to Install

  • Backup Your chats by going into Setting → Chat Settings → Back up Chats
  • Decide how many WhatsFapp(s) you want in your phone and which emojis you like. Install apk(s) accordingly. (Read above “Variants Explanation” if you haven’t).
  • Go through verification & Restore Chats.
  • On first-boot after update/fresh install go to “Fapp Settings” and read changelog
  • Enjoy.

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Download Links (AF = AdFree)

Mediafire (Recommended)
Package Names ↓ Emojis →iOS (Default)GoogleTwitter
com.whatsapp (Default) Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)
com.whatsfapp Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)
cum.whatsfapp Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)

Package Names ↓ Emojis →iOS (Default)Google            Twitter
com.whatsapp (Default) Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)
com.whatsfapp Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)
cum.whatsfapp Download (AF) Download (AF) Download (AF)

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