How To Browse With Glo BIS On Android 2016


Android users can still enjoy Glo BIS on Android devices despite the recent changes made to their data plan by the Nigeria telecommunication giants, Globacom, on the price and subscription codes. Today, we shall be looking at how to use Glo BIS on Android phones.

Glo Blackberry monthly plan which sales for #1,400 naira with 3GB worth of data are basically meant for Blackberry mobile devices but with a little tweaking, we can get it to work on Android  devices. Below are two quick guide to setup Glo BIS on Android mobile phones.

First Method To Use Glo BIS on Android (Recommended)

To use Glo Bis on Android with this method, you will need to tweak your IMEI to that of a blackberry phone. This will enable Glo service to perceive your device as if it were a blackberry device.

Procedure To Use Glo BIS on Android:

[highlight color=”orange”]TIP![/highlight] Usually, you are advised to subscribe on a blackberry phone, browse with it for like 20 minutes before putting it back on your android device. However, with the newly introduced Glo BIS subscription codes, you may not need to bother about it anymore.

Second Method To Use Glo BIS on Android

In this method, you will need a blackberry phone to activate the Glo BIS plan first before you can use the Glo BIS on Android device.

Procedure To Use Glo BIS on Android:

  • Get a blackberry phone and insert your glo sim into it
  • Subscribe to the Glo BIS plan as seen here.
  • After some minutes you will receive a request pending notification just remove the battery, insert it back after, then you will receive a welcome message welcoming you to the Glo blackberry service.
  • Browse for some few minutes and remover the sim.
  • Insert the glo sim into the Android phone and navigate to settings>>mobile networks>>access point names>>create new APN with the following settings:
    Profile Name: Anyname
    Access Point Name:
    Username/Password: flat (or leave blank)
  • Switch ON  your android data,  remove the sim and put back to the blackberry you subscribed with.Browse with it for few minutes again and insert it back into the Android phone.
  • Make sure your Android is switched ON, it will auto detect the network and voila! It will start browsing.
[highlight color=”orange”]Note:[/highlight]If you switch OFF and switch your Android phone, you may have to repeat the process for it to keep working.

There you go! You can now browse with Glo BIS on Android mobile devices. Meanwhile, know also that you can also use Etisalat BIS on Android as well as Airtel BIS on Android.


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