Vivid Photo, A Version of Live Photos Coming On Samsung Galaxy S7


A report published today indicates that Samsung is planning on adding a Live Photo feature to its upcoming flagship phone, Galaxy S7.

While the feature is being developed for the Samsung Galaxy S7, it might not be ready when the phone is shipped and could end up being included in a future software update.

The Galaxy S7 is expected to be unveiled on February 21st during Samsung’s Unpacked event. This will take place the day before MWC 2016 opens in Barcelona.

The Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus both have a feature called Live Photos that Apple added with the release of its latest handsets.

The one and a half seconds before and one and a half seconds after you press the shutter on the camera are recorded on video. The result is that by pressing hard on a picture using the feature, the image seems to come to life.

According to the report, Samsung will name the feature Timeless Photo or Vivid Photo. Unlike Apple’s Live Photos, Samsung’s version won’t include audio. This will allow Galaxy S7 users to share their moving pictures on Facebook as GIFs. Facebook is in the process of rolling out support for Live Photos on its iOS app.

Earlier last year, Samsung is rumoured to be adapting a new pressure sensitive screen technology into the Galaxy S7, but it’s not going to be made in house like Apple’s 3D Touch technology that debuted on the iPhone 6S.

Is this the last we are to hear before the final release date? Time will will tell.

Source: AndroidGeeks


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