Whatsapp Bot: How to Use Whatsapp as Wikipedia Engine


WhatsApp Bot, is an Autoreply assistant within your favourite WhatsApp messenger providing important services and utilities.

It is a fully functional whatsapp robot that auto-replies to our messages based on some preset strings or keywords.

Actually the Developers of this bot is no way related to the official whatsapp. they are produced by Krunal Panchamiya, Virat Patel and Mitul Gadhiya from Rajkot.


whatsapp Bot


How to Activate Whatsapp Auto-Reply Bot

Simply follow these simple steps to activate it.

  • First, add whatsapp bot to your contacts. To do so, go to your contacts, create new contact and add this number: +918438517877 or +918148911230
  • Now open whatsapp. Click on New Group and create it by add whatsapp bot as a group member,
  • Goto your newly created group and start your Keywording chats with the Auto-bot, lol, as for me i call it Whatsapp Wiki.
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To search for anything within the Groupchat, simply start with: Wiki Anything, replacing ‘Anything’ with your keyword you intend to search.

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