WhatsApp Group invite link feature partially working in beta


WhatsApp Group invite link is the latest feature that will be launched anytime soon. we learnt about the anticipated feature of ‘Public Group invites via links’ last month in a report by Android Police who spotted few translation strings hinting about the possible plan by the Facebook-owned company.

Most messaging platforms are having the public group invite link feature (join RubizTechTrends Telegram community here) and only a few has the option like Telegram Messenger. Though still in beta stage and available to those who joined WhatsApp testing program sometime in March, the WhatsApp group invite link feature could be easily gotten for any smartphone. Once this feature is gotten and enabled on your phone, you will be able to invite people to join your WhatsApp group by simply clicking on a link.

According to Android police, the Group links functionality is partially live in WhatsApp’s latest beta version 2.16.102. So if you have an invite link already then you can join the group but you can’t issue the invites to groups as of now.



This is just part of major updates. WhatsApp video calling feature is also available in the latest beta version and you can get it activated right not using the guide here. However, just like the group invite link, it is only available for beta testers.

How to Get WhatsApp Group Invite Activated.

Download the latest APK file from the APK mirror website to watch it in action. Once you try to invite friends / people using the public group invite link, it’ll try to verify the invite and then fail. If you do get a working link though, you’ll see the name of the group, the phone number / name of the person who created it (depending on whether they’re in your address book), and the number of participants.


WhatsApp group invite feature is essentially a way to get more people in a group without having their phone numbers. It will allow a person to create a link to join a group and then share it to other via different apps, so in that case anybody who has the link from anywhere will be able to join that group. Even further you may be able to generate a QR code, or write it to an NFC tag, and then share it with anybody or can put it on web for people to join. We’ll know more about this once the feature goes live for everyone.


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