WhatsApp’s new update gets documents sharing


Just few days of celebrating her seventh year anniversary, WhatSapp messaging service has rolled out a new server side update to both iOS and Android devices.

The new server side update are only available to those that are updated to the latest versions from their respective app stores and will now allow users to share locally stored documents with individuals as well as groups.

For now, users who update to version 2.12.453 for Android and 2.12.14 on iOS will soon see another sharing option that allows users to share documents.

However, there is this one tiny issue. The receiver (your friend) should also have the updated version installed in order to receive the said document on their device otherwise you will get a prompt saying you can’t send document to group/friend.


Also, those using WhatsFapp, OGWhatSapp or any other modded WhatSapp versions may miss out in this new development.

How To Use The WhatSapp Sharing Feature On Android

On Android, the sharing feature appears upon clicking the attach icon and you will notice that the ‘Document’ icon replaced the ‘Video’ one. Tapping on the same will show you all the locally stored documents on your device, where you can select and send the same.

WhatsApp documnet sharing

WhatsApp documnet sharing

How To Use The WhatSapp Sharing Feature On iOS

On iOS, tapping on the ‘Upload’ icon will now show a ‘Share Document’ option among others that will allow you to share documents from other third-party apps (mainly online storage) which is similar to what was revealed in the last update for photo and video sharing.


For now users are reporting that they are only able to share pdf documents. Since this is a server side update, it may take some time till it is available on your smartphone. Is yours working as expected? Let us know your experience.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has announced that it will now withdraw support from BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7.1 and other dying platforms so users of the afre-mentioned devices have less than 10 months to enjoy the document sharing feature. Recall also that this is coming after WhatsApp Bot, an Auto–reply assistant within WhatsApp messenger, providing important services and utilities such as games, latest news updates and more was launched. Click here to see how to use WhatSapp bot.


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