Windows 10 unveils new test build with Bash, Android notification and lots of new features


Microsoft has releasied a new test build of Windows 10 with some important updates to Windows 10 Action Center for notifications and settings that will bring all your Android phone notifications directly to Windows 10 PCs.

The biggest addition is running native Bash on Ubuntu in Windows 10, and testers have been given access to test this feature. Windows 10 build 14316 includes bash, and it can be installed by enabling a developer mode.

Alongside Bash, Microsoft is also enabling some new Cortana cross-device features with this latest test version of Windows 10. The feature will be using the Cortana app for Android which is already available in order to send the notifications to your desktop.

Microsoft had explained at the Build 2016 session that it would create a new notification center in the cloud that would be responsible for receiving notifications from Android devices and then pushing them to Windows 10 PCs. A user can manually dismiss the notifications once it lands on the desktop. This will in turn automatically dismiss the notification on the Android phone. Even map directions can be shared from PC directly to phones, but full notifications from phone to PC isn’t present just yet.

This functionality will work for Windows 10 Mobile devices too. At present, it is not known if the feature is coming to iPhone although, the Cortana app is available on the iOS. However, iOS has more restrictions and the Cortana app will not get an access that is required to interact with notifications and respond to messages.

Microsoft is also releasing new Edge browser extensions. We’re still waiting on AdBlock, but two new additions include OneNote Clipper and Pin It Button for Pinterest. If you’re interested in the new Skype app for Windows 10, this is also included with this latest build for PCs.


Windows 10 is also getting some UI tweaks with this new build. Emojii has been updated to align with Microsoft’s Design Language and the Unicode standard along with skin tones. If you’re a fan of the dark them in Windows 10 then Microsoft is including a toggle to allow it to extend to apps like calculator, Store, Alarms, and settings. The new dark mode won’t apply to all apps, as developers can set their own themes. Other UI changes include a new update progress experience, and the ability to pin a window so it’s available on every virtual desktop.[]darkmodewindows10

If you’re a Windows Insider the latest build is available through Windows Update right now. Microsoft plans to roll out these features and more for Windows 10 PCs and phone as part of the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 this summer.


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